Great Teams are


Using an expansive toolbox, BluHound equips leaders and team members with the capabilities to make their teams great.  Teams that consistently deliver and delight their customers and stakeholders.

With BluHound you can expect to:

Delivering Value

Deliver Business, Customer, and Learning Value

Process Toolbox

Build your toolbox to overcome challenges coming tomorrow

Happy Face Working

Have Fun working while you GSD

Make the challenges of today,
your opportunities of tomorrow!

The common challenges we face today are more complicated and quickly evolving.

  • Disengagement that leads to poor quality and malaise
  • Misalignment that leads to non-valued outcomes and disappointment
  • Complexity that leads to missed deadlines and frustration
  • Miscommunication that leads to waste and burnout

Your Get Stuff Done Partner

To help you deliver valuable outcomes, the tools we use and pass on to you and your teams, fall under four services:

Team Working Together Getting Stuff Done


Whether setting strategic product direction, implementing Lean Portfolio Management, or defining a whole new operating model – we have the experience to jump in and help.
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We coach the leaders and teams on the tools and practices required for delivering outstanding outcomes in today’s complex digital business environment.
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We offer a range of training solutions from Lean/Agile/DevOps to Design Thinking to Business Agility. We offer career growth training for individuals and can customize learning experiences for organizations.
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Sometimes it’s best to call in an expert.  We can help with custom workshops, facilitating annual offsites, or running a remote product team session.
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BluHound Solutions has been instrumental in our ability to create a learning culture across our organization. It began with focusing on bridging the gap between the business strategy and the agile skills and competencies needed for employees to take on strategic roles throughout the organization. Today, we can continue the momentum that was built just a short time ago and appreciate the effects of the change in culture from the language and perspective of executive leaders to the mindset across the organization to the increased agile maturity level. Matt takes the time to know and understand our business thoroughly; he uses tools and techniques that make learning fun, easy, and engaging for busy learners, whether in-person or virtual; creates experiences the learners can implement immediately; and continuously improves so that we can stretch our aptitude even further.

Professional Development Manager, Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

It's time to end the frustration. It's time to work better, deliver faster, and have fun.

Working with BluHound is easy … just three easy steps. Take that first step now!


01 Mar, 2023

Step 1 - Have a Discovery Call to discuss Your Objectives

Quickly understand the current state and clearly identify your objectives and measures of what awesome looks like.



01 Mar, 2023

Step 2 - Engage BluHound to Get Stuff Done that leads to Your Objectives

Based on the value of the objectives, we engage in training, coaching, advising, and doing. We’ll adapt based on the evolving environment and what the data tells us.



01 Mar, 2023

Step 3 - Assess results and define the next Objective

Validate and reflect on what has been accomplished and learned based on the measures and observations.  Iterate.


The old ways of working aren’t the only ways of working

From: coming in every day to find out you have a new #1 priority

To: simple and shared ways to evaluate inbound work, assess the impact, prioritize, and share this information transparent and accessible.

From: obsessing over short-term results

To: evangelizing early validated learning and measurements that drive work in the direction of near- and long-term business impacts.

From: the chaos of the reactionism and being "just too busy"

To: shedding meetings, structured and predictable collaboration, and avoiding bureaucratic theatrics

From: struggling to keep up and being too deep in the weeds to see the next steps

To: being resourceful, invigorated, confident, and capable of leveraging new ways of working practices and processes.  Leading the charge on GSD efforts and delighting the customer!

From: bottlenecks and misdirection in decision-making

To: empowered and accountable teams with safe-to-try localized decision-making.

Our Commitment

You and your team will have the know-how and mindset to be able to use the tools BluHound shares to solve problems and innovate solutions

We will practice what we preach – be adaptive.  If the indicators point to pivoting – we will pivot.  BluHound’s aim is your success.

Our mission is to raise the game of the leaders and team members we engage and help them create a better place to work that builds solutions better and faster — we will do all we can to do this with you [and if we cannot, we will be transparent and share that too].

Insights and Useful Stuff

Insights, observations, musings, and useful tools from the trenches.

Words Mean Things – Waterfall

Words Mean Things – Waterfall

Talking about waterfall project management is not something we hear as much in 2022 as we did in 2012 – ten years has changed a lot. That said, I still hear the tone used when talking about the different approaches to get things done, and the question, “why use waterfall?” This article doesn’t answer that question, but it looks at the conversation.

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Words Mean Things – Efficient and Effective

Words Mean Things – Efficient and Effective

It seems like there are many words we use that may or may not be the meaning or context we actually want as an outcome. The words efficient and effective are two those words. Leaders and team members alike might talk about one more than the other when what we typically need with these to outcomes is a balance.

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Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

Back in 2015, I originally wrote this article on Agile Bacon. I wrote this at time while working with teams and leaders that seemed to be struggling to see that things can be better. As leaders, we need to recognize that there will be bad days, but if we work together, fix our challenges, stay focused, and stay positive — we can get through whatever is dealt.

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